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In business for over 75 years.

The furniture upholstery and manufacturing
business flourished from the start.

Riviera Upholstery is a family business with roots dating back to 1946. After migrating from Cleveland, the brothers, Sanford and Jerome, set up a furniture upholstering and manufacturing business in downtown Los Angeles. This was a natural pursuit, as the father had been in the retail furniture business for 40 years. In 1947, Sidney and Edwin joined their brothers’ furniture business, and a year later David joined.

Sanford had studied furniture design as well as design of a general nature. David was fresh out of the Marshall Law School in Cleveland. Jerome had graduated from Ohio State University with a Master of Arts in Social Administration.

The brothers observed drastic changes in postwar homes and wanted to fulfill the growing need and demand of furniture designed for rooms used for multiple purposes. The brothers embarked on building a furniture line.

Their original furniture line included the “sofa bedstead,” which was a bed fitted inside a sofa, a furniture piece that included a wrap around bed and a cabinet, and a “trunk-bed.”

“Thousands of high-rise apartments and condominiums have emerged in Southern California as compact units of living space, creating a need for limited, smaller-scaled and dual purpose home furnishings,” said Sanford in 1966 interview (Wright, Giles E. "5 Brothers Convert Idea to Reality." Los Angeles Herald-Examiner 16 Sept. 1966, B-4 sec.: n. pag. Print.).

The family built furniture for many of America’s families in the postwar era, and today they continue their time-honored tradition of excellence...

The family built furniture for many of America’s families in the postwar era, and today they continue their time-honored tradition of excellence in furniture with furniture restoration, refurnishing, upholstery and re-upholstery.

Riviera Upholstery has woven a success story into American history and they continue to fabricate beauty and freshness into upholstery and furniture.

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